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Physio & Pilates Classes Cheltenham

Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Portland Pilates & Physio, How Can We Help?

Welcome to Portland Pilates and Physio. Our studio is the result of the collaboration of three of the most experienced professionals in their field, in the area of Cheltenham.


It is the amalgamation of many years of observation, knowledge, continuing education and a genuine feeling of care and responsibility towards our clients that has brought us together and that assures the highest level of services to our clients.


This is the only Pilates studio in the area where our rehabilitation work is done in close cooperation with a physiotherapist, to assure optimal results in the least amount of time possible.


Sessions To Suit Everyone

We welcome clients across all ranges of age, experience and abilities and assist you to achieve a physically more efficient version of you, whatever that may mean for each person. Contact us today to begin your journey of discovery of your body’s unknown abilities.

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One To One's

Private one on one sessions

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Small Groups

Small groups consisting of five

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Semi Private

A group of two individuals

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Open Studio

Rehab practice sessions

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Our staff are fully trained and qualified to assist our customers

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Personal Care

We build relationships with all our clients to give them the best help. 

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Personalised Programme

Tailored programmes suited to your personal needs.


“Portland Pilates and Physio is in a convenient location in the centre of Cheltenham. It has excellent facilities, top class instructors and a range of classes from beginners up to experienced practitioners. I always look forward to my visits and the classes have improved my body shape, flexibility, strength and posture."

Have A Question? Reach Out Now

For inquiries about our pilates sessions and physio therapy services, please use the contact form below. Our team is eager to assist you and will reply promptly.

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