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Pilates reformer equipment in a studio

Pilates Equipment Specialists Cheltenham

Sports Injury Clinic in Cheltenham.

Meet Our Team of Experts, Inside Portland Pilates & Physio

Meet the Team at Portland Pilates and Physio. Our experienced professionals combine years of expertise in Pilates and physiotherapy, ensuring you receive the best care.


Our unique approach integrates these disciplines for effective movement and exercise, setting us apart in Cheltenham.

Alex Iliopoulos

Studio Owner & Manager

Claire V. Dickson

Studio Owner & Manager

Frankie Street

Pilates Instructor

Diane Jackett

Pilates Instructor

Katie Foster

Physio/Pilates instructor

Amber Inker

Pilates Instructor

Empowering Your Wellness Journey at Portland Pilates & Physio, Everyone's Welcome!

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Book Your Introductory Session

A 45-minute introductory session to assess your specific needs and goals, and introduce you to the equipment at our studio.

Introductory Classes available on the first Saturday of every month. Click below to book your introductory class or contact us to arrange a private session.

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