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Pilates & Physio Guidance in Cheltenham

Find balance and strength with Pilates & Physio Guidance in Cheltenham. Expert support for fitness and recovery tailored to your needs.

Our Services, Strengthen, Recover, Transform

At Portland Pilates and Physio, our services are designed to Strengthen, Recover, and Transform your physical well-being. Our expert team offers a blend of Pilates and physiotherapy that is tailored to meet your individual needs.


Whether you're looking to enhance your fitness, recover from injury, or transform your body and mind, our personalised approach ensures you receive the utmost care.


With professional equipment and our studio environment, we're here to support your journey to a healthier, more balanced self. Discover the difference expert guidance and dedicated support can make in your life.


Our Pilates classes aim to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Led by certified instructors, these sessions are suitable for everyone, enhancing core stability and overall wellness in a supportive setting.


Focused on treating and preventing physical issues, our Physio service offers personalised treatment plans. We help relieve pain, improve mobility, and support recovery through various techniques.


Our Injury Rehab combines physiotherapy and Pilates for effective recovery from injuries or surgery. Tailored to individual needs, it focuses on restoring movement, easing pain, and preventing future issues.

Price List


Class - 5 people

55 minutes - Price - £22.00


Intro Class - 5 people

60 minutes - Price - £25.00

Open Studio - 5 people

30 minutes - Price - £14.00 - promotional price £10 

Mat work - 5 people

55 minutes - Price - £12.00


Intro Session - 1 person

45 minutes - Price - £40.00

Intro Session - 2 people

50 minutes - Price - £50.00

Private - 1 person

35 minutes - Price - £37.00    
45 minutes - Price - £47.00
55 minutes - Price - £57.00

Semi-Private - 2 people    

35 minutes - Price - £40.00
45 minutes - Price - £50.00

55 minutes - Price - £60.00

Sportsman stretching painful femoral leg muscle. Sport and injury prevention concept on au

Highly Qualified Pilates Instructors

Specialising in Sports Injuries, Special Populations & Chronic Conditions.

One To One Sessions

Personalised guidance, focused attention. Private sessions.

Semi Private Sessions

Customised training for two, shared experience.

Group Sessions

Collective motivation. Group of five people.

Open Studio

Rehab practice sessions, physio lead

Contact us now and one of our team will be in touch. Experts in Pilates, Physio and Movement.

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